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Tammy Ames

When I wrote on my blog today about who people don't comment on blog, I had no idea this conversation (around the net!) was going on BUT I can tell you that I agree with you.

I may never achieve that God-like marketing guru level of achievement but I will always be thrilled to pieces when someone comments one way or another about my post(s) - I believe that when I don't need to hear from other people, I will be to far removed from people to be useful - even needed. :-)


Laurent Flores

Agreed, sometimes who knows we will be experts, maybe we already are...but not yet gurus! :) so we can listen to grow, thanks Avinash.

Avinash Kaushik

Laurent: Perhaps the difference is that we have not achieved the Expert / Guru / Leader / Thinker / God state yet and Seth has. So we find it more meaningful to accept comments and have that intelligent exchange (to learn, to engage in a conversation with others we would never meet etc) but he does not have to. :)

I agree with you that Seth's blog is quite valuable, even without the "listening" component enabled.


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