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Elizabeth Cull

My sister also uses that product and for her, it is effective making her teeth clean. It is okay to have dental products at home, because they add protection to your teeth. But we should always make it a point to seek a dentist (Highland Park-based) every six months to ensure that we've got a healthy smile. My dentist (Libertyville IL-based) is the one I regularly go to for dental screenings and check-up. And thank God that with my 27 years of existence here on earth, I still have no cavities! Well, thanks also to my dentist!

kathy thompson

My grandaughter cannot brushher teeth with anjything except the Nemo grape toothepaste. Why is it so difficult to find? We cannot find it anywhere!

Laurent Flores

Thanks Romain, agree with your comment, I guess we have to wait and see, how things pick up.
What I foundd interesting though is that so far, on searching "crest weekly clean" on google the first page shows up a majoirty of blog comments from people like you and me that (marketing related topics bloggers) rather than other type of more relevant comments. Also no official p&g presence on the first page results...

Finally, of course, yes I indeed sourced (as I always do) the article, on top of post :)

thank you and see you there. Let's track it and exchange back on blogs? :)



Thanks for sharing. But we do not know what P&G expect from bloggers and how they're engaged with the brand to collaborate (if they can collaborate in any case). Any more ideas about what's to happen for that campaign (sounds CPG companies still don't know what's in social media for them though)?

By the way, I'm not sure you can just push copy/paste content from any website. At least, add a back link to the original content or website.

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