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Interesting Laurent...I think that one of the biggest challenges, in many industries, is not necesarily to create value, but to be able to capture the full value of their brand. Some conjoint analysis would be helpful...interested? ;-)

Janet Faulkner

I believe that these pull-ups r for the birds.when a child is being trained,the child must have accidents,to know that they don't like that feeling anymore, so, u teach them,u ask them many times a day,do u have to go potty?asked enough,the child begins to understand,pull-ups r about $,I'm not saying it's all the way wrong,but the child must learn from experience,let them,yes it takes time and care with the child,But isn't that what u wanted,a baby,well they r work,they r all worht it.I never used them,i trained them,i believe it gives them MORE sense of self,just think about it,and if u choose,u may reply,i would be interested in your feedback,cause i know i'm right.

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