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Interesting site, always a new topic .. good luck in the new 2011. Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.


I liked your site, you are very interesting to write. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas! I wish you a lot of gifts and luck in the new year.


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Dear sirs!

Please be advised that flight Brazzavil – Paris BZV-CD6 from 9-10. oct. 09. had late arriaval to airport CDG (Paris).
It is reason of my late arrival to airport Barispol (Kiev) by flight AF 2852 of 9-10. oct. 09. and as continue my late arrival to VV 022 Borispol-Simferopol.
Represent clerk of Ukrainian company “Aerosvit” refused to restore my ticket to Simferopol.
I paid my cash money for this ticket.
At 10. oct. 09. in Borispol (Kiev) in the office of Aerosvit clerk explained me that your company Air France responsible for my late arrival and stamped my new ticket to Simferopol (photo attached).
I am a seaman and not rich man.
Who return me my money?
Ukrainian authorities of Aerosvit refused return me money.
It is not accordance with low of “IATA”.
Perhaps the PRESS around of aircraft will help.
Photos of tickets attached.

Best regards,
Chief engineer of m/v “FAS VAR” (“MCA MGM”)
O. Potapov


Air France is one of the worst companies I ever dealt with. I got stuck in Paris during the last strike in October. I had to take the train to London, spend the night and buy a Delta ticket the next day to get back to LA. They reimbursed me $37.00 of almost $2,000 that I spent. THAT'S HOW YOU SPELL CUSTOMER SERVICE AIR FRANCE STYLE!!!

Mr Coetzer

Discriminating against creed & culture
Late departure
Lost our baggage
Made my wife with kidney problems sleep on the floor whilst aircon was out of order and temperature around 1 degrees Celsius
No apologies
No customer service whatsoever
Where shall I begin? From the day my neighbours heard that we are flying with Air France they warned us against that. My son and I flew out from Heathrow to JHB on the 07 Dec 07. Our flight was delayed at Heathrow and then had to run around like headless chickens when we got to Charles de Gaulle. Barely made it for our connection flight with air france staff being VERY RUDE. When we got to JHB we were told that they never loaded our baggage on the plane. We were told to go and buy the necessities as we did not have anything with us. We were told that we will get €100 per person to cover our expenses. Our baggage arrived 3 days later. My wife then followed us on the 15 Dec 07. She was delayed at Heathrow as well for no reason. When they got to Charles de Gaulle they were informed that they have missed their connection flight and the next flight is in around 11 hours time. It was past midnight by then. My wife and another family from South Africa asked air france personnel to arrange for accommodation upon which they were told that due to being South Africans they will not grant them an emergency visa in order for them to get hotel accommodation. Air france personnel & police then closed the doors in their faces after telling my wife and them to sleep on the floor in the room where the aircon was broken and around 1 degrees Celsius (this is whilst my wife is suffering from acute kidney problems). The following morning my wife was not even offered breakfast. They got on the flight and upon arrival at JHB were told that their baggage was also left at Charles de Gaulle.
Now hear comes the best part: Due to air france's screw up my wife missed her connection flight from JHB to BFN and lost her money. I had to hire a car at BFN airport as the lift that I have arranged for my wife and I to get back to our holiday residence could not wait any longer. I had to drive all the way up to JHB and then back (around 800 miles round trip - none stop) as we had to get back to my son.
On our return our flights were delayed again and we had to stand over at Charles de Gaulle and instead of departing from Charles de Gaulle at 11.15am we departed at 17.50. I did ask for a standby flight but was told that according to air france rules passengers are not allowed to travel without their baggage (but it is alright for them to loose our baggage).
I have send them a complaint letter (as they refuse to speak to you over the phone) on the 17 Jan 08. one for the poor service and one to claim our money back for our baggage that was lost. After numerous calls trying to get some feedback I recently received a letter from air france re the poor service claiming they did not do anything wrong but will offer me a €100 for any inconvenience caused but will not pay for any of the other costs that I had incurred (even though I had to go in debt to cover all the cost). To date I have still not heard nor receive anything back from the baggage claim department.

Antonio Cruz

It is interesting the variety of the AirFrance crew in terms of mood. They are always ok, but some of them go two extra miles while others just go by the book. And I mean business class.

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