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Carl Fielding

HSBC is probabley not a bank which you can trust. Since middle of August 2010 HSBC Luxembourg is for example blocking the investments of their customers when those customers have bought Fairfield Sentry Hedgefund and sold this fund within the last 3 years.This means HSBC Luxembourg is not only blocking the profits which you possible have made. HSBC is blocking the whole sum which has been invested years ago into Fairfield Sentry Hedgefund and the profit as well. HSBC does not ask or even inform their clients before blocking the money.Is this a bank you would trust?

Mr HSBC customer

I'm waiting to see someone it's 54 to 72 minute wait at HSBC Bromley.
A reflection of the call centre mentality.

Come one - staff the branches and call centre better and it would be funded by a 0.0000001% reduction in bonuses.


I would really recommend you to bank with HSBC as not only are they renowned and reliable but also for their beneficial promotions. and HSBC offer joint promotion for HSBC cardmembers with offering up to 75% discount on hotel accommodations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. HSBC credit cardmembers from Singapore will receive an additional 5% Cash Rebate upon arrival in Singapore on their hotel bookings.

Mikki Porretta

My husband died on oct 5, 2009 and my brother Oct 15, 2009. In the process of planning 2 funerals and getting my bearings on the bills and household maintenance, I was late on ONE payment! HSBC's next billing to me stated "your late payment has triggered the default interest rate of 30.99%! Up from 18%. My husband and I were good customers for a number of years and paid on time. I wrote to them to explain what had happened and that everymonth I have been paying at least 4 times the minimum payment. Guess what, talk to the wall before you talk to their customer service. I tried 4 times thinking that I would get a smarter person than the last dumb bunny but it didn't happen.

If you are thinking of opening an account with GMAC or HSBC, my advice is DO NOT!


Hans Ehrlich

Fucj HSBC HK and Taiwan


The PhoneBanking at HSBC is the biggest joke for any bank operating in India. neither the IVR works, nor the phone pin, nor the agents available.. it took me 15 mins and 7 calls to get a one line answer- balance in my SB account. and I was asked 5 verification questions !!! The most horrible banking experience in my 30 years of banking exp.

God forbid anyone going even near this bank


Want a good deal? The only effective way is to court and have a looking-so-true-but-not-real realtionship with an HSBC executive (SaLes VP has 1), then you get all the inside info you need. I agree, they're the most arrogant people, but something with a "good" exchange pays, and it's part of the game. Without it, no quota! Get it!

Wilson G.

Hate is a very strong word and I rearly use this term, but when it comes to HSBC I truly hate this company and any other company that works with them. I ran into some financial problems and I needed to lower my monthly payments so I asked HSBC to work with me and lower my APR so my payments would be lower each month and they told me (Sorry we cant do anything) so I told them that if i would pay 56% of my outstanding bill would they work with me and they still said NO... All of my other Banks and Credit card help me out and worked with me...

Jazzy, India

This is worst experience that i had never had,none of them working in this bank are professional and they do not know how other banks operate. These people are very good at charging what they like irrespective of whether customer received the service or not. I have updated my communication address and placed request for providing me one year statement, which they couldn't do, worst part is customercare executive says, it cannot be done and relationship manager says this can be done and they generate the statements with wrong address and still charge huge amount for their mistake too. They repeated same thrice and deducted amount thrice and they take ages to revert the amount deducted.
What a poor customer service,they dont have any customer service becuase the service they give does not help any customer. Very unlucky that our employer has provided such bank.


I had dealt with various banks(business banking)and found that on business side of things, HSBC bank is absolutely unreservedly is the worst bank I had ever dealt with. They are inflexible. Security is cumbersome and internet banking malfunctions for unknown reason (even to the bank). Their system is set up with a view of collecting as many charges as possible, i.e. they will bounce a cheque even if you have funds in the account before 3.30, which they are not supposed to do and levy a charge of £75.00. When you ring them they do not give you correct information, so when you ring back to say that they misinformed you their response is basicly ''tough luck'', although you were acting on the information they gave you. I would never recommend them to anyone.
So yes all their marketing is untrue.

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