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Laurent Flores

Hi Max - interesting indeed, and glad to hear that discussion happened. What sounds interesting is that WOM is not new per say, but as you said, what is new is how new media accelerates it indeed...I hope that we can use these kinds of meetings for the two worlds of academic research and business research to exchange and grow from the interaction, this should happen more often. For the ones that are interested in the topic of WOM, I recommend Walter Blog at, a lot useful stuff there:

Max Kalehof

I just spoke at the MSI Trustees conference yesterday in Boston. It was a very high quality event that brought together about 200 academics from top universities, and senior brand marketing and research professionals. One interesting anecdote: in the New Media Breakout -- where we discussed/debated upcoming research priorities for that sector -- several academics and non-academics blatantly acknowledged that the hot issues being talked about were nowhere to be found in existing and current research (this included John Deighton, editor of the Journal of Consumer Research). Interestingly, the New Media breakout turned largely into a discussion NOT about new media, but about the growing importances of word of mouth in marketing, and consumer empowerment. New media just happens to be an enabler or catalyst of these two trends.

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