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This is a totally India's information related article. it's correct that at the present time India is really advanced from another country. last month i went to the India. i watched there many attractive spot!! really all these spot wast too beautiful.


the Chief editor
Times of india

Dear Sir,

I draw your kind attention to the matter that I am a reader of your News paper in Delhi over last few years. As Iam a resident of Kottarakkara in Kollam kerala. For the past five years I have been visiting my resident. Whenever I getto there I was in search of 'Newspaper Times of india'Every paper seller of kottarakkara and kollam junction and bus tation told me that news paper times of india is not available there.When I heard this, I felt very sorry for not circulating such leading news paper in our area. Rest all were available there except your News paper.Why dont you circulate your news paper in our area ?


very usefull for us........ i have a article to indepandence day can u publish this.
Today, we celebrate our Independence Day. Happy Independence Day to all of you.
We got this freedom by fighting hard against our suppressors, The British Rulers. I am sure all of you are well aware of the hardships endured by our forefathers so that we can have this wonderful freedom which we enjoy so much now. Take a moment today to remember and salute them.
15th August gives us a great opportunity to celebrate India’s freedom as free sovereign political nation. There are various kinds of freedom. Do Indians enjoy true freedom? When we look at it from a national point of view, yes, we are free now as a nation. But we must also achieve freedom from something else also. The freedom which we failed to achieve all along, until now.


sir,since 2002 regular read times recently change office location bandra east from june 6 i got new vendor bandra east nane is shankar he is not gives paper regularly specialy sunday pls kindly help out above sub; i given to 499 6 month subcription payment his cell 9221993853 ypur cop .highly appriciated thanks&regards
nair shashikrishna cell 9819883025

Ghanshyamdas Tapadia

February 19, 2010

Dear Editor,

I do not remember when last I have seen a rank boring & spineless movie like MY NAME IS KHAN. In fact, I was motivated to see the movie after your paper gave it 5 star rating & collection for 4-5 days as given in media. I still wonder which factor motivated your film reporter to give this film such a high star rating. I doubt his competence to be a film critic. I am an enlighten man of 70 plus. I have interest in culture, sports, music current events, literature. I have read all classic literatures in Hindi, Bengali & Marathi during my college days. I can claim that my I Q is above average.
I belong to the age of Satyajit roy, Bimal roy, Hrishikesh Mukharjee, V. Shantaram, Promod chakravarty, Guru dutt, B. R. Chopra, Raj kapoor and others. But age or generation gap does have same values yesterday today or tomorrow.
I shall request you Mr. Editor to convey my feelings about this film to Mr. Karan Johar.




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Noopur Pareek

The Editor in chief,
The Times Of India,

This is to bring to your notice that Go Air needs to change its name to "WHO CARE" airlines or Go Mad airlines. On 7th May I had my exams in Mumbai at 5 pm and I was suppose to take flight to Mumbai on 7th May at 10:50 am from Delhi, since it was election day in Delhi I reached airport at 10:30 due to the bare minimum availability of transport on the day . After reaching airport I was not permitted to board the flight, when asked, they informed me that I am late to report to them. I spoke to the available Go Air executives, who were very rude and ill-mannered representative who not even wanted to listen, I explained them the reason for me being late and also make them understand how important it is for me to reach Mumbai before 5pm as i had my exams on the scheduled time, but all my request were turned down and I was asked to take next available 3:55pm Go Air flight to Mumbai and was shown the way to the ticket counter.No one even bothered to escort me to the ticket counter and help me out for which i have to face and answer the security guards questions. The situation at the ticket counter was more miserable, when out of three people(2 female and one male) only one female representative of go Air flight was answering to my doubt, the other two were busy with each other chatting and laughing(even on knowing about the situation i am facing. Are they paid for this?when they are not aware of their job.Can you people understand what had been my difficulty of having a fear of not attending the Exams). I was also denied to get the refund of the ticket, infact I was charged Rs 1,600 for another ticket. Was this 1,600 Rs charged from me to pay the salary of those two people who were making a fun of my situation.I do not understand that when flight was available on airport why I was denied to board the flight? And unnecessary asked to wait in the airport lobby for 5 long hours. It is not just the pain I had gone through but the exam I’ve missed for which I have to wait for more 6 months to appear again.

Not only this the change of the terminal from 1B to 1A.and no signage board on the main road. How a new person can get to know about your plans of changing things? On suggesting such things to the representative siiting in the counter, as to have a signage of your company name as others have, there was a wierd expressions given. (If such responses are to be given to the customers please write a note "No Suggestions Please"

I do understand that every company does have certain parameters that they follow but you should give some privilege to your customer under this type of circumstances(elections day). They could have very much adjusted me into other company’s flights but they lack customer service and have pathetic services….

Below are the ticket numbers for your reference.

Same PNR number was given to me for the next flight.

Confirmation number: ASIYNT

Receipt and Itinerary as of Sat-02May2009 18:30
To Fly Smart, please present either the itinerary receipt or the E-ticket with a valid photo identification at the airport and check-in counter. Our check-in counters are open 2 hours prior to departure and close strictly 40 minutes prior to departure.

opzegging verzekering

I observed this blog one among the refreshing sites with briefed information. Thanks dude.


dear sir I am regular reader of times news paper ,since one month, I did not receive times life insert ,still you charging Rs 5/-for 24 pages ,instead I get only 16 pages . kindly refund money, otherwise ,Imay move to consumer court J D PATEL A/1 MEERA PARK Nr AMITY SCHOOL DAHEJ BYE PASS BHARUCH -392001 Mb 94 265 43600

Neeta Pathak

The Editor in chief,
The Times Of India,

Just surfing through your site,i read the comment made by Ritu Bala, Lecturer.As a teacher it struct me too.
The conditions of teacher is really pathetic.Our state government is totally inactive.Teachers are the one who are creating generation next are totally neglected.I m a school teacher currently working under the so called scheme of SHISKSHAN SEVAK with meagure salary of 3500/- and on the top of it with have to work with this salary for three years which is really absurd.Sorry to say but even peons working in school are much well paid than shikshan sevak.
I know that every institutions have their own probationary period but none of them have such a lenghty time frame.I feel three years is a quiet long period and it's unjust on any shishan sevak.
Its really strange for me to understand as why we have been paid so less as we equally infact work more than those permanent teachers.
If Government does not chage rather cancel this pathetic policy of shikshan sevak..its really hard to find good quality teachers in near future.
I hope with your medium our voices would be heard and justified.
Happy new year to all...

With warm wishes,
Neeta Pathak,
school teacher.

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