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Laurent Flores

Vincent - You are completely right mindset is the issue as well internal client company intertia. I think though that if they do not change from inisde, the outside, will make them change...

Vincent Fong

A lot is being bantered about WEB 2.0 and truly I can understand why as a very excited as a manager of online research services with The Nielsen Company.

However, whilst the core influence of WEB 2.0 is still relatively new to research, the impacts of online surveyees disinterests are already already visible in diminishing response rates (online surveys).

WEB 2.0 has the potential to regenerate online (or online panel) research by inducing the elevation of greater surveyee/panelists engagement in the how research is conducted - giving greater authority and autonomy to surveyees to expand and interact within the methodology of future surveys such as raising their own questions (as oppose to answering or just answering).

However, market researchers are only just now teetering on the edge of what web/research 2.0 means. For market researchers to gain a thorough foothold here will require a complete change in the mindset about how research should be conducted and they are not going to get this unless there is a platform for them to engage in a truly WEB 2.0 environment. This platform needs to be a WEB 2.0 "social" network or community on which market researchers can "play" (interact, engage and influence). I think it is timely to address this now.

Mario van Hamersveld

Online MR? If instant professionals carry out online surveys, outcome will as good as quality of the researchers. Indeed, there are question marks- as to representativess, kind of questions and understanding and especially
about panels- what about the composition and maintenance of such devices: professional respondents, refreshment...etc.There is a lot of discusion going on: see Esomar's Research World magazine Februarty 2006 for instance..
On line MR is getting better, but is not yet compeltely ther one might argue...

John Cass

I was really wondering what critics say about online market research? Why don't they agree that online research is as valuable as offline research?

I'd heard from some people that researchers were concerned about checking the authenticity of the people who take the surveys. What had you heard about this?

Laurent Flores

Hi John - thanks for your comment. Indeed, there are critics, the reality it seems however, (online research continues to grow by a minimum of 30% year after year), that critics of online research are getting less important thant the ones for offline research...whichet gets tougher and tougher to conduct effcientely and effectively!
Hope this helps, thanks Laurent

John Cass

Laurent, I was wondering if there is any critique of the online market research process? I know that a few market researchers are very skeptical of online marketing research. I think a review of the criticism would add more credibility to your argument.

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