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Does anyone know if "The Creed" is written out? Because I want it to put on a plaque for my dad.

David Taylor (from Where'sTheSausage)

Two other interesting learning points from this story. First, the fantastic way this movie brings to life the Harley Davidson mission, compared to the insipid page of Powerpoint most brand teams seem to use. Second, that the brand has the authority to have such a high-level, emotional mission thanks to the uniqueness of the product itself.

Eric Kintz

Laurent- great post! I strongly believe that a lot of corporate sites will evolve towards this model of more rich media and two way dialogue

Pete Blackshaw

Love the concept of encouraging them to participate in the "creed." Just the invitation itself is a powerful form of marketing and loyalty building. And this is more than just "engagement." It's classic "Listening-Centered Marketing." ( But this isn't necessarily a surprise for Harley. Even as far back as when I studied them in b-school, they were breaking rules of customer feedback and participation in all aspects of the brand building process. They clearly have leveraged the new opportunities the "new space" affords brands, and they appear to be executing with both sincerity and authenticity.

Meikah Delid

Great challenge you've posed here to all companies, Laurent! You're right, if they can attract customers to their site, engage them to spread positive WOM, the rewards would be unimaginable!

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