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Laurent Flores

Thank you Joel!

And indeed, very glad to see you indeed that the ARF is going full speed to move the industry foreward including researchers, markerters, provides and advertisers. The combination of all is key to make it succesfull.

Looking forward to getting involved and getting everyone involved,

Thanks & best,



As chief Research officer at the ARF, I appreciate the shoutout. Actually, we began our journey on listening in a bigtime way on July 15th. The Industry leader forum on Oct 29th in NY will be an amazing event on how listening can transform research. We have Nielsen buzzmetrics, Millward, Procter, Unilever, MTV, Sony, Google, 4As planners, and Barack Obama's pollster all on the program. The list of those attending is amazing, including Facebook. check it out at

Laurent Flores

Thanks Dianne for the kind comments. Again indeed Listening it is...feel free to keep me posted about your progress in Australia, be in touch,

Dianne Gardiner

Hi Laurent,

I introduced myself briefly to you after your wonderful Listening speech at the conference last week.

I agree totally that Australia is behind in Listening stakes and I am very pleased you spoke about the importance of this given the change in consumer communications.

At Latitude Research we are very much into listening and establishing private online communities for this purpose and our experiences so far have been outstanding. It gives a whole different perspective when you open up the dialogue - at first it seems amazing how enthusiastic consumers are in giving open feedback but in reality it shouldn't be surprising, they just wanted to know they are being heard. The challenge for researchers and clients I feel is, getting comfortable with letting go and not trying to control the conversation. Time will tell how that goes .

Regards, Dianne Gardiner

Laurent Flores

Thanks John and Andy, it was my pleasure and indeed happy to hear that people get something out ny thiking and speech, thank you again,

Andy McLellan


Thank you for your inspirational talk and workshop. I am confident that many attendees at our conference left with new thinking. It was our pleasure to have a key note speaker that blended so well into our conference theme - Breaking the Mould.

We hope that you come back and share your experiences and enjoy our hospitality in the future.

All the best Andy

John Marinopoulos

Hi Laurent,

what an excellent account of your time in Australia. And yes, Australia is ahead in some parts of research but behind in others. Your keynote speech was very well received by many of the conference delegates and has challenged them to docus on their roles in a new way. Thank you once again for coming to Australia and sharing your views.


John Marinopoulos

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